Namaskar ! Welcome to KV Bhind with a changing scenario

I joined KV Bhind on Sept 16, 2016 & it is a matter of satisfaction that a lot has been done by the principals and staff members to popularise the vidyalaya among parents and guardians ; yet I think there is scope to do more in various fields.

In the changing scenario parents have ever ending  high expectations. Education is undergoing  a great change . It is very challenging  to fulfill aspirations of the parents yet the school is doing its best for the overall  development of the students. We have identified our goals and they are reflected  in our mission statement-ie.

“By 2022 the school will develop a suitable infrastructure to provide value based, job oriented education to flourish the students as responsible and rational citizens of the country and to enhance unique identity of K.V.S.”

       I will do my best to raise the vidyalaya to a new height with qualitative 100% result and accordingly during  autumn  break classes  are planned for the students of XII. More over  it is my moral duty to maintain  discipline  in the school. I will try to keep the school campus green, neat and clean. Games and sports, scouts and  guides and  NCC are also implemented enthusiastically  for all round development of the students.

   I am very thankful and obliged to Sh.Y.Arun kumar,   hon'ble D C KVS Regional Office Agra and Sh R.K.Vashishtha,  hon'ble AC  KVS Regional Office Agra, under whose guidance and instructions  the vidyalaya will gain a new height.I am also thankful to Dr Elliya Raja T , hon'ble chairman VMC KV Bhind and Collector Bhind whose co-operation  & guidance are always fruitful  for the vidyalaya and we are doing our best to implement his suggestions.

How can I forget guardians/parents who have sent their children to KV Bhind  with a hope for better education. Education is a tripolar  process among  teachers, students and parents. Every parent is a second teacher, so without their cooperation  success will be merely a dream.

Let us do our best to shape better human beings  and responsible citizens in the school i.e. ultimate aim of education.